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Ruba offers a transparent platform that allows you to discover and compare all private schools, tailored to your unique preferences.

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Tailored to your Needs

With hundreds of schools to choose from, consider all your options. Access a complete school profile to learn about their accreditation status, tuition fees, activities, and more. Take the time to examine your priorities and develop a shortlist based on your preferences.

Browse all private schools by location and your unique preferences.


Learn about its accreditation status, tuition fees, clubs and activities, and much more.


Compare schools on your favorites list based on what’s important to you - and apply.


Your Considerations, All in One Place


Educate yourself on each school’s accreditation status to ensure a standard of quality and credibility in your child’s degree.

Tuition Fees

We’re committed to transparency. Get a clear view of each school’s tuition upfront to assist in your financial planning.

Educational Stages

Whether you’re looking to enroll your children in Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and/or High School, get to know which grade levels are offered by each school.

Languages of Instruction

Kuwait’s a melting-pot, and so are its schools. From English, Arabic, French to Hindi—decide which language is best suited for your child's future.

Clubs and Activities

There’s more to education than classrooms. Learn what programs are available to support your child’s learning—student council, art, music, sports, and more.

Alumni Profiles

For a look into the future, take a look back on how the school they graduated from kickstarted their success.

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About Ruba

Founded by two Kuwaitis wanting to empower parents to make the best choices for their child. What began with discussions among friends enrolling their children in private schools, led to a concern that legacy and word-of-mouth limited their options.

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